What is the Bishleshon?

The Bishleshon is a Bangladesh based writing and reading platform, publishes analytical articles, essays, reviews and so on. The Bishleshon publishes different types of stories as well. The Bishleshon is a kind of web blogs but it is considered an online magazine.

The Bishleshon focuses especially on education, research, cultural and social problems, science and technology, lifestyles etc.

It should be mentioned that the word BISHLEHON is a Bangla language word, it refers to analysis, explanation and so on. In Bangla, it reads বিশ্লেষণ.

The Bishleshon’s website: https://www.bishleshon.com

When was the Bishleshon started?

The Bishleshon started its journey on February 21, 2021, the International Mother Language Day.

Who can Contribute to Bishleshon?

The Bishleshon is open to all. If someone feels that they have something to say to the people which can help to improve social beliefs, thoughts, and directs to the development; they are encouraged to submit their piece to the Bishleshon Editors Panel. Submitted pieces to the Bishleshon Editing Panel are published after being reviewed. The contributors can submit their piece through our email address. The address is write@bishleshon.com.

What does the Bishleshon believe?

The Bishleshon is always respectful of all individuals, societies, countries, religions, races, communities, groups, ideologies, etc. If someone wants to see their piece published on the Bishleshon, they must have the same beliefs as the Bishleshon has.


The Bishleshon is physically located at Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.