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The depth of Bangladesh-Argentina relationship in the welfare of football

In the 2022 Fifa World Cup, the love of the fans of Bangladesh has touched the hearts of the people of Argentina. The love of the game is now taking the form of a new diplomatic relationship.

The President of Argentina responded to the congratulatory message of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Argentina’s foreign minister may visit Bangladesh next March. There is even a discussion about opening an embassy of Argentina in Bangladesh. The relationship between the two countries is now deepening. How much will Bangladesh benefit from this? How much will this relationship be useful for Bangladesh football?

Diplomatic analysts say it is difficult to get answers to these questions now unless everything is officially finalized However, it will affect the trade of the two countries This relationship can also be exploited in tourism, education and culture.

Prospects in trade

According to Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) data, goods worth 6.854 million dollars were exported from Bangladesh to Argentina in the fiscal year 2020-21. However, more than 88 percent of the products exported from Bangladesh to the country are ready-made garments On the other hand, in the fiscal year 2021-22, Argentina has exported products worth 90 million dollars to Bangladesh Bangladesh mainly imports soybean oil, corn and cotton

Analysts say, Argentina can be an important partner of Bangladesh for ICT products and e-commerce The country has various types of minerals including uranium which can be used as raw materials in the production of various products The Argentine government delegation that came to Dhaka last July offered to import cotton, powdered milk and garlic from their country to the traders of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi businessmen called on Argentina to import processed food, medicine, plastic products, ceramics and ready-made clothes from Bangladesh.

However, in recent times, Argentina is going through an economic crisis. Reminding the matter, former foreign secretary Touhid Hossain told Deutsche Welle, “Argentina is not so financially sound.” Their inflation is high But yes, we have import-export relations between our two countries. It can be extended. I don’t think it will be too much. All in all, having a relationship with someone is not bad.

What will be useful in the development of football?

The gap between Argentina and Bangladesh football is huge. One world champion team and the other at the bottom of the rankings Can the development of relations with Argentina be used in football? Bangladesh Football Federation President Kazi Salauddin told Deutsche Welle, “The whole issue is now being discussed in the media. Basically nothing can be said clearly without sitting at the discussion table But this much can be said, there is no government control over the clubs They are independent I don’t know what will happen if the government wants, but any club can work with any of our clubs if they want It is not possible to say what will actually happen now.

Merdeka Cup was held in Malaysia in 1986 There Argentina football team faced Bangladesh football team Some players of Argentina national team participated in that match Bangladesh lost the match 5-2 Ashraf Uddin Ahmed Chunnu and Sheikh Mohammad Aslam scored two goals for Bangladesh Sheikh Mohammad Aslam told Deutsche Welle, “If we can make a relationship with Argentina, it will be useful for football.” If the young footballers of Bangladesh can be sent to any of their academies or the coach from the academy comes to Bangladesh, it will definitely be useful for Bangladesh. Besides, we can use Argentine coaches in the young footballer hunt process.

Embassy of Argentina will open in Dhaka

Argentina’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, Santiago Andres Cafiero, may visit Bangladesh next March, said Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen He said, “The decision to open the embassy of Argentina in Dhaka will be taken during the visit of the foreign minister.” The two countries have a good relationship. I hope this relationship will be stronger in the future.” On the other hand, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez also said in a letter sent to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh last Thursday that his country is working to establish a diplomatic mission in Dhaka again next year.

After independence, Argentina opened an embassy in Bangladesh in 1972 After its closure in 1978, the country did not take the initiative to open a mission in Dhaka

On the other hand, although Bangladesh has an embassy in Brazil, Bangladesh has not opened any embassy in Argentina During this World Cup, the news of Bangladesh’s frenzy surrounding Argentina has received widespread publicity in the country In the meantime, the country has started a process of opening an embassy in Bangladesh, which has been welcomed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh

The heads of government of the two countries exchanged greetings

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina congratulated Argentine President Alberto Fernandez for winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup title . He sent a congratulatory message to the President of Argentina on December 19 In the message, Sheikh Hasina wrote, “On behalf of the people of Bangladesh and myself, hearty congratulations to you and the friendly people of the Republic of Argentina and the winning team of the 2022 FIFA World Cup on the great victory of Argentine football.” I am very happy to congratulate you The people of Bangladesh have shown their appreciation and love through the spontaneous celebration of your national football team winning the World Cup championship.

Meanwhile, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez thanked the people of Bangladesh in a tweet after receiving Sheikh Hasina’s congratulations. He tweeted with the flag of his country and Bangladesh, love and handshake signs Messi’s president wrote, “Thank you Sheikh Hasina and the entire people of Bangladesh. The bond and mutual affection we have seen in recent times is indescribable. Today the flags of both countries are flying here (in Argentina). Let’s deepen and strengthen this bond.”

Bangladesh flag flying in Argentina

The geographical distance between Bangladesh and Argentina is 17 thousand 50 km But with the welfare of football, that distance has reduced a lot In the same way that the Bangladeshi fans are supporting Argentina, the Argentines have opened a group on Facebook in support of Bangladeshi cricket They are also celebrating the victory of Bangladesh Argentina fans want to know what songs are played or heard during the Bangladesh game Many Argentinians have tattooed the Bangladesh flag on their own hands And showing that tattoo, he went and took pictures in front of the house where Messi was born Many homes in Argentina now fly the Bangladeshi flag

Since 1986, Bangladeshi football fans have been divided into two groups, supporting Argentina and Brazil teams After that , the fans of the country have supported these two teams in all the World Cups There was madness in other World Cups like this one However, this year’s World Cup game has been arranged to be watched on big screens at four places of Dhaka University by the mobile financial services company Naqd Thousands of fans watched the game together 

Tanveer A Mishuk, managing director of Naqd, told Deutsche Welle, “We arranged to watch the game on giant screens at four places including Mohsin Hall ground, behind TSC, University of Dhaka. The issue of support has come to the fore as the students all get a chance to watch the game together. So far, so many supporters have not been seen together. As a result, the matter has come to the attention of the world.” We had no idea that our organization would go this far.

Source: DW | The report is rewritten by the Bishleshon Editorial Panel.

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