Questioning human rights situation in USA and beyond

Gun violence has become a serious social problem in the United States of America that cannot be stopped. For this, there is a need for strict legislation and its implementation.

The various activities of the United States of America (USA) on human rights around the world can often be observed. The USA publishes a ‘human rights situation report’ on various countries of the world on the Human Rights Day (December 10). Sometimes, it imposes sanctions on some countries for human rights violations. But questions are being raised from various quarters, how much human rights are being protected in their own country who are so worried about human rights around the world?

The United States has failed to establish peace in its own country. The human rights of the black citizens there are often violated. The country is on top of all the killing of children, students and teachers by indiscriminate firing into educational institutions. In the four years from 2018 to 2021, unprecedented incidents have occurred in US schools. Heinous incidents such as the killing of black citizens in the streets are happening again and again. Even the country’s law and order forces are involved in these incidents.

The USA’s intention to use human rights as a tool to exert pressure on other nations has been exposed by the US-led West’s selective and unilateral approach to human rights. This strategy has exacerbated global division.

According to a report by Education Week, 28 US schools were attacked in the four years from 2018 to 2021. More than 250 students died. Around 300 students have received paralysis due to injuries.

Wikipedia says that in the 20 years after 2000, there were about 300 school attacks. Where thousands of students died. The US administration has not yet taken any action in this regard. Experts are warning Americans to be wary of these propaganda reports..

Peyton Gendron, the young man who attacked Buffalo, tried to justify his demonic attack by promoting the ideology that white people in the United States are being weakened by immigrants. And his manifesto was full of racist words about black Americans.

Peyton, the attacker, did not mention the word ‘immigrant’ much in his posts on the messaging platform Discord over the past six months. Instead, he wrote insultingly racist articles about blacks. In archived posts from 2021, the young man used the word ‘immigrant’ 12 times, ‘replacement’ 18 times and ‘replacement’ 22 times. But he used the word ‘black’ more than a hundred times.

The Buffalo attacker claimed to be inspired by the killing of 51 worshipers by attacking two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019. His claim is similar to the incident. Christchurch attacker Brenton Tarrant was using the camera to broadcast the attack live online. He also published his own manifesto before the attack.

But the Buffalo attackers were more influenced by indigenous discontent than by the Christchurch massacre. He searched for people living near him by zip code in order to ‘kill as many blacks as possible’. And his research led him to a super shop on the east side of Jefferson.

The Buffalo bomber wrote in his manifesto, “Blacks are the most privileged race in the United States and many Western countries.” But still they say they are the most oppressed. His comments are similar to former US President Donald Trump’s comments.

Donald Trump has attracted white supremacists by making anti-Black comments during his tenure. Many believe that his overtly racist attitude has alienated the Republican Party from mainstream political ideology.

According to information from US-based independent media outlet Education Week, 17 US states have recently signed laws banning or tightening ‘critical race theory’ or racism and sexuality education, and 12 more states are considering similar legislation. Apart from this, discussions are going on about removing some books that may spread racist attitudes.

According to many social scientists, centuries of neglect, neglect, and lack of opportunity have pushed a large portion of blacks in the United States to violence. As a result, many white people in the country feel unsafe. And hate is born from that insecurity.

In addition, the number of gun attacks in the United States is constantly increasing. According to various local media reports, at least two hundred people have lost their lives in gun attacks in the country so far this year. In this situation, lawmakers and experts demand reform of the private arms control law.

They say gun violence has become a serious social problem in the United States of America that cannot be stopped. For this, there is a need for strict legislation and its implementation.

Gun violence is on the rise in the United States. According to various monitoring organizations, more than two hundred people have died in the country in the first five months of this year. When the general public is in panic due to gun attacks one after another, new questions have been raised about the role of the US police.

It is clear to everyone that liberal democratic norms have deteriorated in the US. In particular, there has been a reduction in the right to protest, as well as an uptick in societal stigmatization and persecution of journalists and human rights advocates.

In spite of being one of the first to sign the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women after the UN adopted it in 1979, this is a significant setback for women’s rights in a nation that is one of only seven that has not ratified it.

The U.S. sanctions on Iran’s oil sector have resulted in Iran’s inability to import sufficient medical supplies, affecting the Iranians’ right to life and health. The U.S. embargoes against Syria have severely affected the Syrian people’s enjoyment of economic, social, and cultural rights.

The war and instability have made nearly a third of the Afghan population refugees. A total of 3.5 million Afghans have been displaced by the conflict, and nearly 23 million face extreme hunger, including 3.2 million children under the age of five. When the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, it immediately froze billions of dollars in foreign exchange reserves at the Afghan central Bank, causing the Afghan economy to be on the brink of collapse and making life worse for the people.

The United States has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, arbitrary detention, abuse of torture, torture of prisoners, and indiscriminate unilateral sanctions in the Middle East and surrounding areas.

What is ridiculous is the fact that it is such an overused tactic that many a country, developing ones in particular, knows very well that the US and its allies are not really concerned about human rights.

The US is the country that has launched and got involved in most of the military conflicts or even invasions of other countries since World War II. And every one of them has been a human rights disaster. But the US and its allies do not care about that.

It is high time that the US changed its attitude toward human rights issues and held dialogues with other countries on an equal footing to really promote the development of human rights.

The US should cease starting and fighting wars abroad because they are blatantly violating human rights and instead take action to reduce the rampant gun violence and racial prejudice at home. This would be preferable to targeting some countries in order to forward its political agenda.

It’s time for the US to reflect, take action to clean up its own mess, and stop accusing other nations of violating human rights without any evidence.

Courtesy: Daily Observer, Bangladesh

The writer is a teacher

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