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Professional efficiency vs. flattery

No human is perfect and we take various paths to improve our lives. One of them is professional skill and the other is flattery i.e., two different qualifications of opposite poles.

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Some of your colleagues may be jealous when you get compliments from bosses or superiors when you perform your duties at work with skill and dedication. As a result, coworkers who are supposed to work shoulder to shoulder with you can avoid you, and that’s because of your work ethic. On the other hand, if you don’t work with attention – the companion don’t delay a moment to hear the two words. This is like a shell saw. The more work you do, the more colleagues will force you to work. Again, if you can finish the work before the scheduled time, instead of praising someone, you will do more work in the alliance, as a result, the interest in working will continue to decrease.

However, there is a saying everywhere called ‘office politics’, wherever you go in the world, no matter what kind of organization you work in, there must be ‘office politics’. One of your co-workers will want to stand in the way of your progress in the workplace for no good reason, will make negative comments about you to others. So, you have to be mentally prepared to deal with all this, you also have to master the politics necessary to save your body. You may feel cheated, you may find yourself in a situation where your work will be credited to someone else. Your pander may be getting the promotion and recognition you deserve. Those who are flattering your superiors are getting promotions, on the other hand, you are not getting a drop of improvement even if you work hard. Such a situation often happens in almost all organizations.

One of the most important aspects of life is to excel both personally and professionally. Each of us has some good qualities that are acceptable to everyone in society. But we still have some weaknesses that need to be addressed.

No human is perfect and we take various paths to improve our lives. One of them is professional skill and the other is flattery i.e., two different qualifications of opposite poles. One is to be achieved after a lot of hard work and dedication and the other is to be achieved without any effort. You have to work hard to develop these skills and sharpen them to make them effective. Skills are essential for various aspects of human relationships and personal improvement. But when some people achieve something by flattery without hard work, professional efficiency seems really worthless!

In a word, flattery is the expression of a word or event in an attempt to satisfy another in a different way for one’s own self-interest. Its synonyms are sawder, sycophancy, oil rubbing etc. It can be noticed that the person who is doing flattery, he is doing it knowingly and the person who is doing it is enjoying the subject even though he ever understands it and is bringing danger without knowing it. Flattery is a shameless and impersonal attempt to gain by praising someone’s useless or false qualities. No failure or fault of the boss or big boss is visible to the flatterer. Usually superiors or responsible officials fall prey to the flattery of subordinates.

At present there is a widespread prevalence of flattery throughout the office court workplace. Nowadays, it seems that the competition of flattery is going on, where humanity, professional skills and principles become trivial. The limits of flattery are so wide that there is no morality or norm in employing family members for the satisfaction of one’s boss even after one’s own efforts for one’s own benefit or self-interest. Sometimes there are anti-social activities due to flattery. The flatterer becomes so desperate to achieve his goal that he does not hesitate to harm others.

The field of politics is the paradise of flattery. The main part of the speech is a quarter, the remaining three-quarters of the remaining leaders sitting on the stage praising, sublimity. A stream of adjectives flows through the meeting place, and the audience repeatedly hears only highly specialized introductions. We all know more or less the story of many opportunistic politicians who change parties when the government changes. When they are asked why they change parties so much, their indifferent answer is, I am the only party, the government party; What will I do if the government changes now? So the flatterers in the field of politics have no party or ideology, they want the backbone of power and advantage. They always want to eat a little bit of milk, honey is their big choice! There are many sailors in politics who have come to their present position by swarming, many of them have a smile on their faces like ‘I can’t eat the fried fish upside down’; One of the wet cats is an ideal look. All these idiots are in fact ignorant sinners, enemies of the country and the nation. They make the people of the country wonder if the goldfish, whose memory is very fleeting, forgot the goldfish they ate when they went to and from this end of the aquarium. No, our people are not goldfish, they are naive, they have repeatedly believed that they were deceived, but now they are aware. They can no longer be misled by various ‘poker’ threats or cheap sentiments.

No matter where the morally advanced, honest, conscientious people are, they are a great asset to the society and the nation. Professional work skills introduce him anew. Even if it does not benefit him, at least no one is likely to be harmed. On the other hand, no matter how high a person is, he is not worthy of respect. Because of his status, people may not say anything in front of him but hate him from behind. There is more danger of harm to the country and nation than benefit from it.

Professional skills are very important for any job. Whichever path we take to improve it, it leads people to progress. The professional skills of any person depend on his temperament, energy, personal or professional goals and his zeal. It also depends on the way people achieve their goals, their knowledge of themselves and their relationships with the people around them. High goals, ambitions and the desire to grow up in life are human instincts. The way to achieve a goal varies from person to person. For many, hard work, patience, perseverance, etc. are very difficult things. Many are not patient again. So they look for easy ways to get success and choose flattery. Especially incompetent people are more flattering.

The boss does not know or understand how much damage he is doing to himself and the organization by being distracted by the flattery or persuasion of the flatterer. In various cases, senior officials have endangered their personal and professional lives due to flattery. When you realize your mistake, there is a lot of delay. Incompetent people can sit in qualified positions due to flattery which destroys the work environment and discipline and degrades the quality of work. Merit of talented people does not develop due to flattery. As a result of flattery, real hardworking, honest and idealistic people get frustrated and often lose interest in work. Under the influence of flattery, conscience, humanity is destroyed and friendship and harmony among people is lost.

It is not flattery that is the key to survival, promotion and opportunity. As a result, a huge amount of time, attention and talent of our manpower is wasted in an unnecessary, unproductive task like flattery. The culture of sitting in the boss’s room for hours without work, soaking him in the rain of constant praise and shaking his head, is pushing our backward economy further. Our administration, business, trade, office, court, politics are all filled with these milk flies. As soon as a party is in power, the new boss in the office, in the name of seasonal supporters, actually carries the tide of flattery. Who is the biggest supporter, his shameless practice, fierce competition. They know the eternal weakness within the powerful – they melt into flattery.

Only the interests of the organization matter, the unpleasant truth is that your personal interests are not valued in the workplace, the interests of the organization are big. Most companies don’t care if you have to spend extra hours working to fulfill the interests of this organization, maybe they don’t even get compliments. Instead, if you want to get out of the office a few hours in advance for personal needs, you will be taught the rules and regulations of the office. In fact, no human being is above faults.

Everyone has to respect their own religion and develop their own sense of personality and mutual brotherhood. We must always think of the collective interest and the welfare of the people outside the personal interest. So everyone has to change their character from their own position first. Professional work skills need to be evaluated, not flattery.

Md. Zillur Rahaman
The author is a Banker and Columnist; He lives on Satish Sarker Road, Gandaria, Dhaka.


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